The show is the show, and not the books. But it still seems a strange decision, and a cheap sort of drama, to throw all the redemption teasing they’ve done for Jaime (they fooled me, remember? Two weeks ago I wrote an article about how Jaime was turning it all around) out the window just to victimize yet another woman.

This would be a big deal on its own, but it’s not the first time David Benioff and Dan Weiss have changed a scene so that it specifically victimizes a woman. At the end of season two, Stannis Baratheon chokes Melisandre of Asshai because he lost a big battle (not in the books). Last season, Ros was forced into an abusive sex scene with Joffrey (scene not in the books, character named Ros not in the books). Then, Ros’s storyline ends with her being used as target practice by Joffrey for the crime of inconveniencing Littlefinger. The last shot of her in the episode “The Climb” is her posed in a sexualized manner, feathered with crossbow bolts.

Taken one at a time, any of these changes can be seen as a choice the writers have made. Stacked all together like that, and you start to see a troubling trend that the show’s creators are stumbling all over themselves to explain.

Thomas Fichtenmayer, HOW GAME OF THRONES IS GOING VERY WRONG: A sex scene that turned into a rape scene as it moved from book to tv, esquire.com (via chickren)

It’s a shame they took the Jaime character in such a direction.